Wednesday, June 04, 2008


Mud was a theme again today! But oh it was worth it, as the road missed some precious pilgrim places. We left Puente la Reina a little later than usual (7.45am) and crossed over the famous pilgrim bridge. That was the first of quite a few bridges during the day that were reminders of all the medieval pilgrims who have passed this way over the centuries. And - news flash- it didn´t rain all day today, so I even got photos of many of them!
The best pilgrim sight of old would have to have been the approach to Cirauqui. There was some real mud to contend with as we approached this hilltop village. But the view of it on the hill as we drew nearer was something very special.
At Lorca lots of people stopped for lunch. Met up with Mick from Oz again, minus his pack as he has dislocated his shoulder. He slipped in the mud a day or so ago, in the same place where two other men slipped and hurt themselves. The mud really is quite treacherous in places at present, but today´s sun and wind will have helped to dry it out a little.
The plan was to stop at a hotel-restaurant, with meals and a dorm, near Villatuarta, and make a slightly shorter (18km) day. But we never saw a sign to it, and had passed it by. So Estella it is for the evening, in the municipal albergue together with many others I know from recent days. Have had a wander to the PO to post home my big jacket, so saw many historic buildings on the way. Spain is awash with glorious buildings.
Had another wander and saw the cloister behing St Peter´s church: Lots to treasure in this town.

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