Sunday, June 15, 2008


Really enjoyed the Iterga albergue yesterday, in the centre of the village, and the people running it were natural and friendly. Only 6 of us were there, and we two women had a non-snorers night in a different room from the four men! Just around the corner by the church was the municipal albergue, which looked quite nice as well, with only 12 single beds spread around the edges of a large room. Only four people staying there. Not so many walkers seem to be on the Camino here, and many of those we see are walking 30km or more days: it seems like many others have left out the Meseta. Quite a few of the young hard-out walkers have serious blister problems, but they don´t seem able to slow their pace to let them heal. I noticed a pilgrim health poster in English and the top thing on it was to walk at your own pace and not someone else´s.

The most wonderful stork´s nest was on top of the Iterga church - quite the biggest we have seen and seemed to have two babies in it.

Last night Spain was playing soccer. At half time when our meal was being served, body language from our host expressed the fact that she was sad, and the Spanish team were lazy. Just before the end of the game, we heard the loud cheer from the bar just down the road: Spain had scored in the last minute to win the game! Our host was then all smiles again. Reminds me of home!

This morning the forecast was for 65% chance of rain: seemed hard to believe as we sat under blue skies yesterday evening. But it did rain... though mostly not too hard. Meseta remains very green with all this rain! Not wet enough for mud though. Second part of morning´s walk was alongside an irrigation canal, and I could heard birds and frogs.....

I am stopping here for the night even though it is only 14-15km for the day. It is too far for me to the next stop after Carrion tomorrow, so no sense going on a few kms more today to a little place where I might not get to eat on a Sunday!


  1. So how does it feel to be on the Camino at last?? I wish I were there as I had planned so we could meet up! Sorry about all the mud, though. I'd hoped that this May would have been drier than last. Buen Camino!

  2. kiwinomad -MargaretJune 17, 2008 1:57 am

    Kelly, I guess it has become almost ´routine´for me now as I have been walking for 9 weeks!!! Hard to believe that in not much more than three I will be finished!!!