Sunday, June 15, 2008

Itero de la Vega

Found lots of people to talk to in the sunshine under blue skies- finally- at Hontanas yesterday. Seems like a few of the ¨slower¨people like myself have skipped the Meseta: since Burgos I have met up with many more people doing 30km+ days. Some of them are managing fine, and some of them are absolutely crippled with blisters and tender feet. I think they are missing out on a lot of the human contacts and sights that you see when you go a little slower, but each to their own!
The Meseta is not as hot and barren as I expected. It has been such a wet cool spring that things are still very green and there are plenty of wildflowers around. Today it was warmish by the time I finished, but probably not much above 22C.
From Hontanas it never took too long to reach Castojeriz, and it was a very pleasant walk in the cool of the morning. There were a couple of bars along the way to stop and talk to others at. I was hoping to shop there, but only found a hairdresser open. However, as I had no shampoo left, that was my most urgent purchase made! Catrojeriz had many interesting buildings. One day I will come back in another life as a tourist and visit them when they are open!
It was a 10km stretch across the Meseta next. Started off with a climb and then got a superb view back over where we had come from. Saw the next village in the distance and then descended and never saw it again until nearly upon it. Lots of birdlife. I suppose the most isolated parts of the Meseta might yet be to come, but I was suprised that it did not feel particularly desolate as I had been expecting. I suppose in summertime when it is all dry and barren it feels like that. At present there is a real tapestry of different greens and it is amazing.
Passed San Nicholas chapel around lunchtime. Some Italians were in there eating, and I was able to go in as well. It has been superbly restored to its medieval beauty. Beautiful stamp for the credential.
Am staying the night in Itero de la Vega in a friendly albergue in the middle of town. Feels very ¨Spanish¨and I feel quite at home. Time to go have that siesta time in the sun again!

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