Saturday, June 14, 2008

Burgos, Rabe de Las Calzadas, Hontanas

Left Ages early and wandered slowly through Atapuerca. Couldnt visit archeological site, but thought about early humans who lived there....
Long walk into Burgos and young Canadian with me made me walk all of it and not cheat and take the bus the last 8km. Then had to walk to municipal albergue in a park near the edge of town... but all my old buddies turned up there too so that was grand. Caught a bus back into town later to see the magnificent cathedral of Burgos. But it was almost too much to see all that richness after walking past so many wheatfields and vineyards and staying in simple villages...
Yesterday instead of a rest day, L and D and me just walked 10kms for a rest. Cant believe I describe 10kms as a rest. Stayed in Rabe de las Calzadas in a place that only took 8 pilgrims, and gave a very personal welcome. Both the husband and wife have done the Camino many times over the last 22 years, and the husband had collected up many Camino souvenirs, statues, artworks etc into an amazing museum.
Today have walked on to Hontanas. The Meseta began early this morning with a bit of a climb. It is all very green and not too hot at present =only about 21 degrees maximum= so I found todays walk very pleasant. Walked past lots of wheatfields. Lots of birdlife. Saw one small dead snake by the roadside. Now going to sit in the sun for a while. Catch you soon.


  1. You sound tired, which is not surprising after how many kilometers you have walked. Keep your spirits up. It seems to me that at the moment you have a guiding light or two with you, just helping you along. Reassuring comfort at this end. Use them! They are God-given.
    I am SO looking forward to seeing your photos when you come home - even if they are dirty boots!
    We are all well here. Things at home remain very 'standard' with jobs, school routines etc. compared to your travels. So, with much love (and now that you have come online!) Happy siesta!

  2. I am allowed to be tired..... I have walked about 1100km!!!!!