Friday, March 11, 2011

a Square evening

This evening I took a short walk in the Square just after sunset, as dark was closing in, 
and the light from the Clocktower was just becoming visible.
 The lights from the tower reflected in the duck pond

and the moon was visible in the sky...

I have seen a few young people post photos of themselves and friends on Facebook
posing around the clocktower base
but I never realised it was quite a family affair as well. 

As it got darker, more lighting came on in the Square

and the bridge over the duckpond drew my eye, all lit up...

...lights from this nearby cafe reflected on the pond...

I must go back another night.... and maybe even an old fuddy duddy like me can pose with friends in front of the clocktower base on my birthday!!


  1. I hope you don't begrudge your council rates too much, because it seems some are well spent to impress us foreigners. Of course you should mass some people for a birthday photo.

  2. You absolutely should do a pic on your birthday!! Wonder what color it'll be then...does it change daily, hourly...or what?

  3. ksam.... I am not sure of the answer to that! Some months they make it a particular colour for some reason. (I hate that- I prefer variation.) It seemed to be staying one colour while I was there yesterday evening, and I am not sure why- because it can change colour within 10 minutes or so.

  4. Andrew, they spent mega-bucks 'doing over' the Square. Some parts of it are really beautiful- like the clocktower restoration, and the fixing up of the duckpond. But there are also some large boring bits eg huge carpark area. I love the way the clocktower is lit at night. I think the fountains are lit at night sometimes too, but they weren't last night while I was there.