Saturday, March 12, 2011

71: Seed dispersal

When I was a little girl I used to love finding dandelions
and I would blow the 'fairies' to the wind
with no idea that I was an active disperser of seeds
spreading 'weeds' hither and yon.

Now I am more of a passive disperser,
who hasn't pulled the 'weeds' out in time.

But oh, how beautiful the dandelion is
and how glad I am to see this gem in the sunlight.

-Also, you can see 'intact' dandelion on day 67


  1. All I see is prospective weeds.

  2. lol I always have plenty of those Allanah. My Dad was a wonderful gardener, and I love looking at beautiful gardens, but I didn't inherit his green fingers....

  3. I love a field of yellow dandelions, they promise a warm summer. Our dandelions come out in late Spring, not often in late summer.