Thursday, March 17, 2011

Manawatu Estuary

Sunday morning was glorious and I drove down to the Manawatu Estuary. (The tsunami warning from the previous day had been lifted.) There are birds that migrate here for our summer all the way from Alaska, and they are nearly ready to head north again. And some birds from further south in New Zealand over-winter here.

 The ranges you can see in the background are the Tararuas.

There is a pathway that skirts the edge of the estuary and passes the nearby houses. I loved this simple bach: an old-time bach of the kind typical in my childhood.

From near where the Manawatu River entered the sea, you could see the island of Kapiti quite clearly today.

And like always here, there was plenty of birdlife to see.

I think this larger bird is an immature black-backed gull, (though it is hard for me to be sure it isn't a brown skua.)

The bird behind in this duo, with the slimmer, taller neck, is probably a young black-backed gull.

Such a precious time, on such a gorgeous day... just slowing noticing the world around...

Postscript: Last July I also visited this estuary on a glorious day. Two days later I broke my arm. Suffice it to say that last Tuesday I was a bit nervous leaving the house....but I am happy to report I am still 'intact'.


  1. Oh sorry... beach house. Down south, known as a crib. Used to be very simple in my childhood. Now more likely to be quite palatial in some areas.

  2. Tsunami warning? Earth shaking over there? Nice pics.

  3. The tsunami generated in Japan did reach here - though not to a very high level. In a few places it reached just over a metre.

  4. Okay. My geography isn't the greatest, though I think I have a decent idea. The west coast of the U.S. got some of it, as well. And Hawaii, as I recall.