Sunday, March 20, 2011

Bridle Track

It was a lovely calm Sunday morning today, just right for venturing out on one of my longer cycle rides since 'the Resumption' two months ago.

It was the Bridle Track that I took- wending its way alongside the Manawatu River as it passes through Palmerston North. (They are talking about extending the track all the way along the river to Ashhurst which would be very grand indeed.)

Here you can see the bridge in the distant background. These photos make the river look awfully 'straight'- but there are actually lots of meandering windy bits. And you can see the renewed stopbanks along this section. The 2004 floods were quite a wake-up call to the city about how vulnerable we would be if the stopbanks failed.

And here is the quirky shot- logs chopped where they have been removing some pine trees:- some were shown to be dangerous in recent storms I know. (Oh and I see that is my bike lying trackside at the top of the photo- careless composition and all- but I was trying to keep my own shadow out of the frame!)

 And here are just a few more.....

monarch-butterfly-on-dahlia shots....

at the Esplanade.

Then it was water, apple, and a good ride home along the city streets...


  1. Man-o-man, those butterfly/flower shots are gorgeous! I feel like I am getting to know your area real well with your lovely pictures.

  2. Lilli, I am sure we could organise you a wee itinerary if you came to call!