Tuesday, March 01, 2011

60: Two minutes Silence

Madonna holding the hand of the infant Jesus
close-up of part of statue at St Pat's, Palmerston North

Today we fell silent for two minutes
to think about the dead, and those who survived,
in the Christchurch earthquake exactly a week ago.

At the school I was at, everyone stood silent
in front of the flag at half-mast
from the smallest five year old up.

Two minutes silence
offered quietly by all.


  1. I listened to the two minutes silence on Radio New Zealand. It may sound odd listening to silence but it was anything but silent with cameras clicking away constantly. The subsequent speeches and music were moving.

  2. Your picture is a perfect.

  3. I didn't realise they would put it on the radio, but I guess that makes sense... The children were certainly very moved by it, and I think that even where I live, well away from the epicentre, they have all seen people crying over the quake and its results.