Sunday, March 20, 2011

79: Te Matai Rd crops

En route for the Bridle Track this morning on my bicycle, I passed these crops growing on Te Matai Rd. These soils are the most fertile ones there are near Palmerston North, having been gifted the silt on the flood plains many times.
(It's hard to believe there are some who would try and justify using this land for housing, so they can justify building a second bridge near this point. This is flood plains land, peoples.)

It was a beautiful morning, with gentle sunshine and calm: I was so happy to be out cycling.


  1. Not sure- was too far away- but don't think so. Trenches make it look more like potatoes, but they are more usually grown on the other side of town. Would usually see more cabbage and broccoli here.

  2. Since it is late summer in your part of the world, I assume this is a second crop growing?


  3. Although our growing season definitely slows down, it doesn't completely stop- some things keep growing, especially things like broccoli. A few frosts on the ground are as cold as it gets:- we don't have snow for months like you Michèle! I guess this green crop- maybe it is bok choy or something, or maybe karin is right and it is spinach- could well be harvested before winter really hits us anyhow.