Thursday, March 31, 2011

90: 2 White Ducks

A friend was up from Dunedin and we took out our cameras together for a photographic stint at the Lagoon today. There was heaps going on. A coot parent was still with a young one, so perhaps that was from a second clutch. Several swans were into some vigorous live action- flapping wings, fluffing up their back feathers, splashing lots of water around. I had never seen such a ruckus from the swans! And we saw a small shag drying itself off on the banks.

But of all the photos I took, I decided on this 'simple' one for this blog. I liked the sharpness of the colour contrast between the brilliant white of the ducks and the dark sheen of the water.


  1. Superb! and the reflectios in the water makes this picture even more interesting.


  2. I love the contrast between the black and white.

  3. Echo the above and add a WOW!

  4. Yes, I loved this photo too. I took lots of photos of some very active swans and thought I would end up using one of those for 365, but in the end this had to be the one, with its startling contrast...