Tuesday, March 15, 2011

74: Cathedral

Christchurch Cathedral being drawn by Russell St School children

All across New Zealand, in communities small and large,
people have been raising funds to help the people of Christchurch
who suffered such devastation in the recent earthquake. 

Today I popped into Russell St School
where they have been having 7 Days of fundraising for Christchurch
The children were very busy drawing a large chalk version of the Cathedral on the courts,
and there was a lovely atmosphere of collaborative purpose amongst them.

Our hearts also go to the people of Japan.


  1. Hi Margaret
    It was great seeing you and thanks for taking some great shots. You're right it was a fabulous collaborative occasion. Who would've thought we'd use so much chalk!

  2. Thanks David,
    It was great that I could come along and see it all 'in process'. And great to be back today to see it all finished. A mammoth undertaking that all the children will remember into their adult lives.

  3. Looks like fun for the children. Good humanitarian effort. Hope NZ is recovering well from the earthquake. And yes, we continue to watch and hope and pray over Japan.

  4. Recovery for the people of Christchurch will take many years Ted. Many have had homes and businesses destroyed or badly damaged, and they live every day with the emotional effects of more aftershocks. There is no 'quick fix' for such a disaster.

  5. Yes. After all, it was a huge earthquake! The disaster in Japan tends to overshadow it for us way over here, who are limited somewhat on the news at least that I get. Peace to each and every one of them. And healing.

  6. What a beautiful picture that captures the collaborative spirit of young people working together for an international cause!

  7. Becky, the children really did care about what they were doing. In our case though it is a national cause: where I live is in the North Island of New Zealand, and Christchurch is in the South Island.