Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Secret Garden

I recently had some time in New Plymouth, with time to explore my sister's garden, into all the nooks and crannies. What a treasure trove...

There was quite an assortment of bird life, including this pair of pukeko, a duck, and even a kiwi.

 The kiwi was truly endangered: I wanted to pinch it and take it home with me...

There was also testimony in this garden to birds that have flown the coop- with an assortment of old toys lurking around.

 But all those things are relatively 'normal'. You had to be a bit careful walking around, as you never quite knew when you might come across an old shoe or two. It seemed that this particular pair of shoes had a purpose: they marked the spot where a couple of gnomes, with a secret entry door, had made their home.

And there were many more strange things hiding in corners to scare unsuspecting garden visitors: I haven't shared with you such monstrosities as the giant blue lizard on a tree, nor the ferocious crocodile. It came as quite a relief to spy something completely normal: a pile of pegs. 
But just when you relaxed a little, and thought all your troubles were behind you- then suddenly right in front of you stood the Giant Alien.
After that it came as no surprise at all to find the makings for this cart, for surely Bilbo Baggins or Frodo must be about to call in soon to acquire some transport for their stay in Middle Earth.

Gentle reader, with all this magic lurking, I have to say I do not imagine the surprises end in this visible part of the garden either: who knows where this ladder might lead? 

I think it is time to leave this garden before we are abducted by gnomes or aliens, or eaten by a stray crocodile. But before we can leave, we need to pass by one of the scariest parts of it: the place where its creator hangs out regularly....

Phew. Finally we are safe inside. Well..... I thought we were..... but what's that on that plant? Arrrrggghhhhhh!


  1. I loved the tour of the Secret Garden!What fun!

  2. What a wonderful imagination your sister has!

  3. I used to think Mary was my sister's second name, but am starting to think it more likely is Quirky!