Sunday, March 13, 2011

72: Gull Trouble!

Spent some time this glorious morning at the Manawatu Estuary where it was low tide, and there were lots of birds to see. The smaller red-billed gulls were quite often given their marching orders by these bigger birds. Well, faced down by that big glare, wouldn't you run too?!
(I think I know what the bigger bird is, but am just checking with my ornithologist friend first in case I tell you the wrong thing!)
Final word... probably an immature black-backed gull.... my friend is not sure from the photo.... so maybe it isn't a skua....but it is still very beautiful!!


  1. Is it a baby black backed gull?????

    Or something more exotic!

  2. I am pretty sure it is a skua...... which is what my friend told me for another photo. But he is asleep in the UK right now so will have to find out later for sure!

  3. Skua might win the battle but gulls will win the war.