Sunday, May 27, 2012

Vespers in Moissac

Vespers in Moissac

One thing Rom and Aideen tell pilgrims every day is to try and get along to the Abbey at 6pm for Vespers if they can. It's sung by a small group of nuns, and in the acoustics of the Abbey I think they sound the way I imagine a celestial choir would.

When they all sing in unison, the sound is quite ethereal and beautiful. But I think my favourite moments are when they go into harmony. If you are a pilgrim in Moissac, even if your feet are sore and you are tired, try and get along there. From Ultreia gite it is only a five minute walk.....

And today there was another musical treat right here in the gite. Tonight there was a group of 12 Germans here, ready to begin in the morning on another section of their Chemin. They gathered at the outside tables after dinner and sang a few hymns together: their harmonies were beautiful too.

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