Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Aubrac Day 2

Aubrac Day 2

Another hot day! Last time I walked Aubrac the weather was so bad that the gite owner suggested taking the road and avoiding the Chemin on the 2nd day. Then the fog closed in...

Today couldn't have been more different, and it's after 6pm and still very warm.

I had no idea what magnificent scenery I had missed last time. I had the first wee while this morning striding out by myself, feeling like I had the top of the world specially made just for me. Breathtaking. Oh what a beautiful morning!

Then I took a drinks break and the rest of the walking world arrived. It's been nice actually- people to chat with along the way, encouraging each other on in this unexpected heat.

I arrived at Aubrac way too early for a meal, but enjoyed their soup. I wouldn't have stayed so long chatting if I had known how hot the afternoon was going to be. I also didn't know how unshaded the whole first part of the descent would be as last time I was in thick fog until quite far down .

Last time I was already in Aubrac before I could see any of it, and had this very medieval moment as these two round towers seemed to loom out of the mist. Today I discovered that those towers were actually quite square, not round at all!

So, I have seen Aubrac properly now- in it's bad weather and in its superb weather.

Today at Aubrac I went to pay for my lemonade to find it had already been paid for. One of the women at the table then told me her son had spent 6 months backpacking in New Zealand, and had told her how kind everyone was to him.... So she was repaying that kindness a little by buying my drink.

Oh Aubrac- I feel so lucky now to have seen you in all your splendour. But I'd be quite happy to have the temperature dial turned down a little, so I don't have to start getting up too early!

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