Sunday, May 06, 2012

In Montbonnet

The first day of the Le Puy walk is behind me and what a day it turned out to be! Had to say goodbye to my French friends this morning which was a bit sad, then set out up the big hill out of Le Puy. I walked slowly, but made good time, as it was simple stuff really compared to some of the Cluny climbs!

The walk started in sunshine but changed around midday. I took some great photos of the atmospheric skies but soon the inevitable happened and I needed my raincoat. At this point I left my sunhat behind unknowingly. Then the thunder started, then lightning, then hail. And the hail got heavy and lasted for ages and hurt, and whalloped hard on the head. Luckily I had decided on a short stage and was booked into a gite attached to a bar in Montbonnet, and when I limped in looking like a drowned rat, I was soon taken across to my room. The gite is new, called Les Granges, and is just beautiful and spacious and I was soon all comfy again.

I returned to the bar for a hot chocolate and it was full of walkers escaping the rain. Everyone was laughing about the hail and how hard it was. I was really glad not to be walking on 8 more km to St Privat. I mentioned that I had lost my sunhat on the trail, and a Frenchman had retrieved it. And he had lost his sunglasses and someone had retrieved them and brought them to the bar as well!

So, you know where I am. I still have more posts from the Cluny walk and will send them when I find wifi. Things will be rather out of time order, but I guess if I can survive a hailstorm, you can cope with that!


  1. Well what adventure you have had! I remember that first climb out of Puy-en-Velay and then the "sentier" through a farm. We stayed at Montbonnet also the first night at a gîte called l'Escole. Hope the weather is better tomorrow!


  2. Hello Margaret! Have been thinking of you but had to wait for Fran to get back to get your blog details again - having lost your email! Aaaaghh! But now I have found you I have just had one GREAT big read....and it sounds so amazing - you write so well too - enjoyable reading. What an adventure eh Margaret? You must be getting very fit too. Loved your dog story -:( and also your sunhat story - funny things you will remember above the beauty of your journey. We have had an incredible month of perfect sunshine and no rain for ALL of April - we went to a wedding on 30 March and it was perfect even the day before and we have had nothing since then but this run is due to break mid week I believe. Shall keep enjoying your posts Margaret. I am truly delighted that you are having such an wonderful trip. God Bless Heidy xx

  3. Great to read of your exploits ! Hope everything continues to go well...
    Rick & Kathleen

  4. Great to hear how it's going! I'll be definitely checking in regularly from now on. Heard a review of the movie The Way yesterday and thought of you.