Wednesday, May 16, 2012

14 May

14 May

Today there was a choice of routes out of Estaing. The first along the GR65 that I took last time, started off flat but then climbed, and spent quite a bit of time on roads, but had such a superb view at Golinhac. The second, the GR6, started with a steep climb out of Estaing but promised more gentle slopes thereafter, and was 3km shorter, with a lot more time in forests.

I decided to try the GR6, and actually loved the morning climb. It gave a superb view back over Estaing and the River Lot. It passed through some beautiful countryside with superb views across valleys. I fell in love with the Aveyron region last time and am still deeply in love with it!

And Michele, I saw a field full of sheep and fairly young lambs. A lot later up here. But spring is in full flow here now, very green and even some harvesting going on.

Tomorrow I have 17km to reach Conques. I hope I get to stay in the monastery tomorrow night as it is apparently a very special experience. Last time it was 'full'. Time will tell.

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  1. Thanks for the info on the lambs! We actually saw some last week that were quite young at the Experimental Farm here in Ottawa. There are so sweet!