Tuesday, May 01, 2012



This evening I am staying in an amazing old priory on a hilltop. The Amis of this beautiful old place have opened a gite in it to welcome pilgrims and others, and as I write this the bells of the old church have just tolled 9pm. I can look up at the huge old beams over my head. What a truly amazing place to sleep in: I might dream of cowled monks roaming around!

This is my tenth day of walking and I think I have four more nights before I arrive in Le Puy. Hardest bit has been the solitary nature of it all- am looking forward to seeing more pilgrims after Le Puy! Today was my first day with lots of road walking, and although it was only 20km, a distance my feet and body are now well used to, my feet were complaining about the hard roads by the end of the day.

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