Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Aubrac Plateau Day 1

Aubrac Plateau Day 1

Well, two days couldn't have been more like chalk and cheese.

Four years ago when I crossed the Aubrac Plateau I just walked 20km the first day, and arrived at my lodgings bitterly cold and wet. (It was about three weeks earlier in the season.)

But today I had to make sure I drank enough on what ended up being a very warm 26km day. It was simply amazing striding across the plateau, feeling like I was on the top of the world at times. Many of of the fields were full of wild daffodils and it was just such a special place to be.

At one of the highest points just after midday, I sat down on a rock and rang my Irish friends in Moissac to tell them I was high on Aubrac in a t-shirt. And that I had nearly run out of water. I knew they'd understand about the unlikelihood of that!

Fortunately there was a little cafe soon in view about 2km away downhill. And an even more unlikely thing happened: they had wifi there so I could send my backlog of iPod messages.

It was hard work in the heat for everyone, and people have been solicitous about each other's welfare this evening. A lovely French lady here in the Nasbinals gite has just offered to massage my feet- an offer I simply can't refuse!

PS I can confirm it was a superb foot massage, a wonderful treat for my feet that had to work so hard today.

PPS 2: Only sad thing today- had to ditch my chocolate which had melted in its wrapper, before it went all over everything in my pack!

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