Thursday, May 10, 2012


I have arrived in Aumont-Aubrac today and will be crossing the first part of the Aubrac Plateau tomorrow. Last time the weather was awful! But it has been quite warm and sunny today so am hoping that continues for the next two days, so I can enjoy all the wildflowers.

Am enjoying being back on the Le Puy route and have met some really nice ladies along the way, two of whom are walking for a week, and who have much the same pace as me. This is the fourth night we have independently booked the same gite- which is kind of how the Lyne & Denis scenario went in 2008!

Have been lucky to have stayed in some lovely gites; tonight I am back in Ferme du Barry where he seems to have remembered me from last time! Either that, or he is being polite because he has heard the story of last night's laundry and how the farmer had to take the washing machine apart. But that's a story for another day when I am home and have more time on the internet!

Am pleased with how my walking pace is going... and life is much simpler here where well-placed gites seem to offer meals and snacks along the way. Be back when I can.....


  1. Hi Margaret, I don't know how I missed the link to your blog on the forum but I did so I've just spent the last half hour catching up with you..phew! Glad that you're meeting more pilgrims on this part of the route I know you can get a little too much solitude sometimes-I can't wait to get to the busier part of my current jakobsweg and meet some other 'live pilgrims' for a change. The Cluny to to Le Puy route looks really lovely though...another one for the bucket list :).

  2. I'll bet they remember me too.. I fainted during a tour of the cheese factory downstairs!

  3. Margaret,
    The memories are flooding back! Arlette and I stayed in La Clauze at a small gîte called "Le repos d'Antan", and had a wonderful meal and laughed like crazy at the antics and stories of "Georges" from Arras in Northern France. Enjoy la Ferme du Barry, the meal was wonderful there and services for les pèlerins also. I remember getting up at 4 a.m. to use the computer, not because it was not available otherwise, but because I was awake! Don't forget to visit the chapel with the frescoes painted by Hervé Vernhès in the village of Aubrac. Happy for you that the weather is good.


  4. Margaret,

    May the good weather and happy laughter continue. Give my regards to Conques; the abbey church of Sainte Foy is one of my most favorite structures in France.