Tuesday, May 08, 2012

La Clauze

La Clauze

Last time I walked I started out aiming for the bigger towns to stay in- but somewhere in Spain we discovered the delights of smaller places, away from the 'main' stopping places.

Tonight I am in just such a smaller place, in La Clauze. Its pretty much a farming village, but it's got two small gites in it and I'm in one of them- along with the two French women who made me laugh so much yesterday.

I remember passing through here on a day with much colder, grimmer weather, and the tower here looked so foreboding. But today it looks more 'friendly', standing to remind everyone of the past history of this place....

The smells of my Demi-pension dinner are making me so hungry. I am eating so very well here in France, but my clothes all tell the story of weight loss. It's hard to eat enough to keep up with energy expended!

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