Wednesday, May 16, 2012

St Come d'Olt

St Come d'Olt

Another hot day! Pharmacy sign here says 29 degrees this afternoon, but I don't think it's quite so hot. It's the coolest of the past three days as it has clouded over. No sign of the storm yet though to cool it all down!

Aubrac was so magnificent for two days that you would think I would have to be disappointed today. But no, I think the Aveyron region I am in now is very pleasant and quite beautiful. Lower altitude so spring is more advanced. Very green and wildflowers everywhere. Lots of hill views, though I am pleased to say tomorrow should be the easiest day yet- some of it along the river Lot= flat!

It was on tomorrow's section of the track that I missed a sign last time while I was busy admiring the magnificence of the wildflowers. You can be sure I will not do that tomorrow!

Today was mostly about descent. Some of it was a bit tricky and stony, but some of it was along easy forest and farm paths, and the spring green on the leaves was just wonderful.

It's funny finding out how my memories of the Chemin compare with the reality. It was so cold and grey at the beginning last time that I seem to remember a lot about the weather and not so much about parts of the terrain. Today when I thought it was all mainly about descent, the Chemin threw in an unexpectedly tough ascent for a wee while, climbing up out of a river valley. But I gratefully arrived at a farmhouse at Grezes where I ate lunch ravenously. From there it was only 3km downhill to reach town and the gite.

I was feeling a trifle guilty only walking 16km when quite a few were walking the extra 6km to Espalion. But have since discovered lots of others have stopped here. And to be honest, in the heat my body was telling me to take it easy! The gite person was telling me it was 32/33 here yesterday, but it is supposed to drop to 22 tomorrow. Yeah!

St Come d'Olt is a beautiful looking town, and looks all the better in the sunshine. The gite is in one of the historic buildings. An interesting contrast really, sitting on my bed in such an old building, typing this up on an iPod. And then the clock chimes in the historic church with the crooked spire....

Ok time to head off for dinner. I am being seated with French walkers apparently since I can talk to them, (rather than with the German men downstairs who only speak German.) See you later!

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