Sunday, July 31, 2011

Himatangi Beach People

The holiday break is coming to an end- and this Sunday morning was quite glorious outside- so I wasn't the only one who headed down to Himatangi Beach for a walk. Here are a few of those breathing in all that sea air.
 This little lass was having a ball dancing away on the edge of the waves.

 And this was one of many couples walking together.

 Not everyone walked of course...

 These feet belong to yours truly.

 First little girl was still out there when I came back again- this time looked like she was with her Dad.

 Another child dancing barefeet with happiness into the waves.

And these three weren't stopping just with the feet. Brrrrrrrr- how could they jump in like they did??

And just to finish off- Kapiti Island in the distance...


  1. Huge, lovely, wild, amazing beach. New Zealanders are lucky people.

  2. Yes, I love this beach. You can walk along it for a long way.