Wednesday, July 20, 2011

201: Mt Ngauruhoe

Today I traveled north on the Desert Rd, and the volcanoes of the Volcanic Plateau were looking resplendent in their winter snow-cover. Here is a photo of one of those volcanoes, Mt Ngauruhoe.
Later I visited the thermal park of Orakei Korako- and there's a Nomad post coming about the treasures there!


  1. Wow what scenery! Now that is snow and quite spectacular. Any volcanos in the Volcanic Plateau active? I am learning so much about your country.

  2. Stunning white snow mountain in the background.
    Greetings from your antipodes,

  3. Both Ngauruhoe and Ruapehu have had their active phases in my lifetime. Ruapehu had quite big eruptions in 1995-6. But it's some of the lakes that have longer cycles that have had the hugest eruptions in the past, eg check out Lake Taupo, a flooded caldera.