Friday, August 05, 2011

217: surely not?!

While I am away from home the neighbourhood cats have worked out a 'roster' for sitting on my back deck, and sometimes a couple even co-exist peacefully together there. This afternoon there had been some patchy rain/hail, and I came home to find this cat in possession of the prime piece of shelter. As I opened the deck doors, you could read the cat-language quite easily: no quick slinking away for this feline- instead it was almost saying- oh no, you don't expect me to go do you- surely not?!


  1. Well adapted to dere's snow on dem dere hills.

  2. dere snow was all an empty promise on our hills- passed us by!!!! But dere is supposed to be more this weekend, not as low. But we had ten minutes of hail/rain today. I had five year olds outside dancing in it at lunchtime- had to be called inside!~