Saturday, July 16, 2011

Music in the City

It's been winter storm time here in Kiwiland- at least ten days worth of it... but just in time for the Rugby World Cup Roadshow outside in the Square here in Palmy yesterday morning, it cleared. This first photo is of the MAD group- Manawatu African Drummers- performing before the daylight had quite arrived. They are being filmed for TV... The Manawatu Community Choir also performed, just a little bit later.
One of the other tents in the Square had the UCOL students cooking a free breakfast. Yum! Thank you- the early start meant I had left home without breakfast.

This morning brought a super frosty surprise:

...but there was another special event on downtown, that fortunately didn't require quite such an early start. It's lunchtime, but the foodcourt at the Plaza is looking suspiciously full all the same don't you think?

Hmmmmmm what are all those people looking at?

Surprise! I think it's a Flash Mob!!!!! Yeeeahhhhhahah- such fun. I have always wanted to be part of one of these! Where's the next one Jen??!!

And with the Flash Mob over and done with, we all just 'melted away' as you do with these things. I imagine some thought it weird- but hope that many enjoyed it as we did. I crossed over at the Square to see this lovely bed of polyanthus being cared for by the Council gardeners, who bring us colourful joy even in winter...

I carried on walking up Broadway to find an international event in full swing outside Downtown. Here is the Japanese drumming team from IPC in full swing.

And this dancing group was also from IPC: this dance is a traditional one performed to 'cheer people up'.
After our recent storm, such a dance was great to see while standing outside in the sunshine. It made me think of the seismic events that have affected lives in Canterbury and parts of Japan so badly this year, and the many people that are in need of something to cheer them up.

Just to finish, a small bit of movie of this dance:-


  1. Great photos, thanks for sharing.
    It looks like a fun day all around :)

  2. Amd the best part of all was the sunshine that made everybody happy after ten days of crap weather!!!

  3. Looks like you had a great all around day Kiwi Nomad. Brings the spirits up after the bad weather you have had I am sure!


  4. Full of life pics. They let me feel like I were in Palmy. Amazing! the frost in the morning and people dancing in bare feet later. I also love flowers in winter and primulas are my favorite.

    Thanks for sharing,

  5. Michèle, I always feel like such a wooss complaining about our winter compared to yours, but I'll complain anyhow! A-B-C it was fun being part of the Flash Mob, and seeing the Japanese drumming and dancing on the way home was the 'icing on the cake'.

  6. Is this "Palmy" Palmerston North ? Amazing activity there and lovely photos too. Thanks

  7. Lorraine, yes Palmerston North. It is much more lively here than some realise. Just the right size for easy involvement in things.