Sunday, July 31, 2011

212: Beach Feet

I took a lovely walk along the beach today, and have quite a few lovely landscapes I could put here. But I feel that the last day of the holidays calls for something a little quirkier- so I hereby wish to prove that not only did I take my shoes off to walk along the sand, I also even paddled in the water- only ankle deep I know- but that was bracing enough!!


  1. Makes me give a cold shudder just looking at how cold that water is.

  2. Water looks lovely! Imagine being able to take your shoes off outdoors in our winters!

    Warm and muggy here this morning, going for a bike ride.


  3. It was bracing Allanah- but there were kids going out having quick swims!!! Michèle, I was quite surprised it was warm enough for me to do it I must say..