Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Sonongo to Lavertezzo

Second time lucky with this post: there was a warning in German last time, maybe that Blogger was undergoing maintenance but of course I could not read it!- so never saved the post to e-mail or anything.
Yesterday was another great day. Caught the Postbus up to the end of the Verzasca Valley to Sonongo. It was misty and overcast and began raining at the end of the valley so I never hung around at Sonongo to explore but headed off down valley. The track was on the right hand side of a small river looking down the valley to start with. Another lovely track with trees in spring verdure and rocks and waterfalls. The waterfalls were really pretty and full, maybe with all the warm weather of the past few days melting snow, plus the bit of rain.
The rain soon turned to just drizzle and the track crossed over to the other side of the river. By the time I got to Brione, what had been a calm little stream had become a raging torrent over some huge rocks. The track crossed again to the right hand side and as it was warming up there were as few lizards escaping as I walked by their rocks. Wildflowers came out again as the sun began shining too. So very pretty with all the flowers at present.
End of walk was ruined by a pervert who was using the road side of the valley to appear at various intervals across the river from me half-dressed. Not so nice and I rushed to get on to Lavertezzo and the crowds always at the bridge there as it crosses the river full with huge rocks and the lovely green water.
Today is my last day in Locarno and I imagined a lovely walk up above the city, getting all the views. I had had these wonderful views the other day as I had climbed up to Mergoscia on the bus. But aha ha, it has to rain everywhere sometime and I never took my raincoat despite the cloud. I took the Mergoscia bus as far as Contra (Posta). Armed with a map from the tourist office of the higher walk, I began, and so did the rain. Drizzle first, but soon continuous rain. Just as well I was only planning a two hour walk on this occasion! The walk was still a great one but where I had imagined views there was only hazy misty things in the distance. Seats placed at spots where you could get a view did not get much use this morning! The Swiss are spoiled for all these great accessible walks.
I got a bit lost when I should have only had about 15 minutes of downhill walking left. I ended up heading uphill on a trail I should have instantly realised was too hard for the kind of track I was doing. Turns out I was headed up Mont Bre. No harm done, just in wet clothes a little longer.
I had envisioned finishing the walk with a trip along the ridge to a church then taking the cablecar downhill. Instead it was back to the hostel for shower and complete change as fast as I could. Luckily, as always it seems in the Locarno area, there was an alternative to the winding downhill roads, and I was soon on some steep steps taking me down to Locarno a lot more swiftly. Now it is 1.30pm, and I have actually found a slightly cheaper internet where I can actually sit down, and use a proper mouse, so here is a longer post for once.
Head off to France in the morning. Have a train ticket as far as Avignon, but if I am not too tired when I get there will take the bus then for Arles. First night I am not 'booked' for accommodation on this trip. Bit scary to be a 'real' traveller again!

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  1. Take care of yourself Margaret. You're so brave going on your own, but don't take any chances. Gut instinct is often right, but err on the side of caution with new people.