Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Easter Monday

Rome on Easter Monday has lots of people out wandering in the streets again. Weather again has been pleasant.
I began the morning by calling in to the neighbourhood Santa Maria Maggiore, where again a sung Office was happening in a chapel somewhere in the distance. Alleluia sounded beautiful echoing in the church. I forgot to mention the other day the beautiful tenor singing at the Easter Vigil here ( and at St Peter's on Sunday.) Part of each service involved the most superb tenor voice doing a solo of various parts of the Mass. A privilege to listen to.
I then headed downhill towards the Colisseum and the Forum ruins. I was surprised to see how small the grassed area I had spent some time on with others on Friday night actually was. In the dark it had seemed full of pilgrims, but in the day it seemed quite small and empty.
I finally got to the Circus Maximus which I had always missed before. I don't know why I thought it had ruins on it - it mainly didn't. It was the oval shape that was still there, mostly now covered with grass. It was interesting to walk its length.
I soon got to the river announced by the spring trees. I walked up a hill and saw the Teatro di Marcello. This would have to be the most amazing building I think I have seen in Rome. The bottom part of the building seems to me to be the same age as the Colisseum - same style. But on top in more recent centuries it has been built upon. Only in Rome........
I climbed the stairs today to S.Maria in Aracoeli. Lots of stairs! Ancient columns inside: this is one of Rome's older churches. You walk the floor over very old looking tombs.
I crossed the river to explore the Trastavere area, full of restaurants and people eating out for Easter. The church here, S Maria in Trastavere, is said to be on the site of the oldest Christian church in Rome. The mosaics above the altar are very beautiful.
Over and out. Time to get out there amongst the Easter holiday crowds and do some more wandering! Ciao.


  1. Wow, all the easter celebrations sound beautiful, I haven't quite managed to read them all yet, but I will get there :) I think that I will have to add an easter in Rome to my list of things to do in my life :) Thanks for sharing it all!

  2. Easter in Rome is great: I am sure you will fit it in one day sometime! It is very special just being in the crowd for these things!