Saturday, April 15, 2006

Giuseppe's restaurant

Ate out properly yesterday evening. Some of you know about my ancestor, Giuseppe Scettrini, an Italian speaker from the village of Corippo in Ticino. So I guess it was a foregone conclusion that a restaurant with the name of Giuseppe would be a good choice.
There was an older man outside but he moved away so I could read the menu boards which did have some English translations. I decided to go in and went down the stairs. The 'old man' was the waiter as it turned out and he soon had me seated and with some water to drink. I chose 'Fish' and he was instantly delighted (a change from tourists ordering pizza I guess!) and pointed out a menu item that he said was particularly good. It was fresh fish grilled, and it was totally delicious. The waiter was quietly attentive in the meal and it was a lovely experience eating there.

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