Friday, April 21, 2006


Got up this morning to make the 9.05am Postbus up into Valley Verzasca and I remembered the sight of the village of Corippo from my last visit, sitting up against its mountainside. I perhaps enjoyed this return visit more: I was less over-excited at the sheer beauty of it all and was able to take in every little sight. There were more little waterfalls - melting snow I expect.
The Church was able to be opened. Someone, maybe a Scettrini, had freshy decorated the altar with flowers. I had time to look at the baptismal font etc that my family would have been 'done' in. Then I wandered up and down and around the houses. I sat by the mill down by the stream. And I had lunch on the track to Mergoscia, looking back at the village as the midday bells sounded while I ate my lunch.
I then walked up the valley to Lavertezzo and had quite a few good convos with Swiss walkers along the way.
Greatday. Short account. INternet expensive and hard to use. Catch ya later.

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