Sunday, April 16, 2006

A road to remember

There are always special roads to remember on the trip. Last night was the Via dei Forum Imperiali - actually the spelling can't be quite like that - but I don't have the map with me! But it was the road I walked down with thousands of others at the end of the Via Crucis at the Colosseum.
Security was very tight for the Pope's presence and the metro right across the road had been closed hours earlier, and traffic stopped. Police with earpieces were watching as the crowd arrived, and access points in and out were limited. It meant that at the end, everyone had to walk away from the venue together.
Having just all received the blessing from Pope Benedict together, everyone then walked together, and with no cars to worry about, this usually busy road was filled with people. I knew a slightly more direct route back to Via Cavour but there were few people on it. I wanted to stay with the crowd of thousands on the road for as long as I could!
Before long I was off on Via Cavour, in a much smaller trickle of the crowd. But I had enjoyed the special crowd walk first!

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