Saturday, April 15, 2006


Maybe my dreams are always vivid but I sleep through them. With all this sinus trouble though, and disturbed sleep, the last few nights of dreams have been a revelation of how my brain seems to be trying to make sense of the whole Italian experience.
Last night I was convinced I was in medieval Florence. The wardrobe was part of a castle battlement. I was part of a crowded scene. I had to make myself wake up properly to realise I was actually in a hostel room in Rome, one of four asleep there!
Two nights before in Naples, my brain had turned the bunks in the room into some kind of Gothic cathedral. There were saints, including St Barnabas who talked to me, and angels flying around in the heavens. I was quite ready to join them. All a bit dangerous when you are on the top bunk so that was another vivid dream I had to bring to an end!

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