Saturday, April 15, 2006

Being a Catholic tourist

OK, so I am not much of a church attender, and there are Catholics I know who would have far more right to be here in Rome for Easter than me. But it is Good Friday today and I have been to a few Catholic places one way or another.
This morning I went into San Pietro in Vincolo where they have the chains that bound St Peter in prison. (How this is verified I am not sure.) They also have the statue of Moses that Michelangelo sculpted for the tomb of Pope Julius. Such a powerful work. Moses looks really alive, especially contrasted with the accompanying sculptures completed by others, that just lacked the life Moses did.
I then headed downhill to the Colisseum. I had heard that the Pope led a Way of the Cross here on Good Friday but I had no idea when. It was clear something was afoot though, with TV vans etc out there. I found out it is at 9pm this evening, but that people gather from 6pm. Usually I would be afraid to be out this late by myself, but I discovered last time I was here for Christmas that the streets are just full of people. So I am sure I will be fine. Good that the weather has been so settled today too. Just need to wear clothing for warmth but not rain!
At Santa Maria Maggiore they were having reflections etc for Good Friday. But I never stayed too long. I had noticed that there was some music by Haydn which is what drew me. And certainly the (not visible) musicians did the mournful music very well. But there were also several longish sermons/ exhortations in Italian so I opted for outside walking again!

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