Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Wednesday pt2

After another day spent mainly on the beach, it was time for another Sunset in Paradise.

This evening was the cultural buffet, and the dancing and fire-dancing were spectacular. A young village boy, about ten, was one of the fire-dancers, and he  was amazing! This resort is Samoan owned and run, and it was staff members and family who featured in this performance. Many of the female dancers are involved as cleaners, wait staff etc during the day.

The light dancing is spectacular. It was hard to capture its wonderfulness in  single shots, but the videos I took show the movement more clearly. I'll try and post one when I get home. One of the dancers recently won a national competition for fire dancing, and a young boy involved (10yo?) also did really well in an under-18 competition. He was taught by one of the other group members, one who isn't staff, but who is family, and a local policeman.

At the dinner I learned that the tsunami didn't hit this coast, but there was extensive cyclone damage. The early construction of the resort was destroyed by cyclone Evan.
Another day over- more relaxing tomorrow!

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