Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Saturday in Samoa

I woke before sunrise this morning, which was great, as it meant I could walk further before it got too hot, and I headed in the direction of Lefuga. The village school looked inviting in the early morning sun.

Further up the road I passed another school that almost looked like it was transplanted from another wealthier place. I suspect it is a church school, and I wonder if you have to be a congregation member to have your children there.
As I came back down the hill I realised I had passed this simple church as I walked up.
And nearby was this stall with some local produce and handicrafts..
The bus to Lefuga passed me. I wondered again whether I might get more adventurous and go to Apia on Monday. I'll enquire how often it returns so I don't end up trapped away from my lovely beach for too long!

These little beach fales have become quite a familiar sight on my morning walks now.

This butterfly sat on the road. I have seen fish with this kind of colouring in the coral.
Ahhhh my beautiful tropical views in the sunshine.

There was an opportunity to join a group of staff and guests for a trip to Apia today for the Samoa and Fiji game. I  ummed and aahed about going as I thought I 'd be sitting out in the strong sunlight without shade. But I watched most of the game here and it turned out there was plenty of covered stand in Apia so I could have gone.

And lest you think it might all be sunshine here- this afternoon it rained quite heavily for a while! Yes folks, that's not a blurry unfocused shot- it's rain pouring down.

So there is no beautiful sunset photo today either!
But this evening there was a different highlight. The Maeve Boys Band played at dinner. They sang and then they danced, and wow could they dance. The sweat was pouring off them! Their first song was a Samoan one with wonderful harmonies (the reason I am going to the local church in the morning!) Then they sang Pokarekare Ana so we Kiwis in the crowd could join in- and we were predominant in the crowd. They finished with O holy night with the lights off. I think one of the best things about this group was discovering that three of them were the three singers in the arrival hall while we waited for our luggage. They were given warm applause from the crowd with that announcement. 

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