Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Friday in Paradise

This morning I woke early enough to take another walk up towards the village. Saw lots of pigs along the way.

And this looked like a grand-daddy pig beside the road. 

When I passed the school it was a hive of activity: the mothers' group were weeding the playground area after the two week break ready for the children to return on Monday. 

I walked up the road and passed some more houses. Some of them, like the one below, were beautifully kept and decorated.

I had walked maybe a bit too far, seduced by walking on a road protected from the sunlight by shade from the adjoining jungle. But as I passed the school again, a man stopped to offer me a lift as he was heading my way back to the resort. My lucky day!
The rest of the day was very much a water day. Low tide for snorkelling was mid-afternoon but I had several swims in the interim. And when it came time for snorkelling again I tried the right hand end of the beach for the first time. It was wonderful with many different fish I hadn't noticed before. 
Again it was a lovely sunset.

Then this evening I got to watch the movie from the 1950s, with Gary Cooper, set on this very beach. It still looks the same- with rocks in the same places. After just a few days, the movie set felt so familiar. And Ramona told us that the baby in the movie was her sister which made for an extra special connection. 

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