Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Last full day in Paradise

It's my last day in the resort in Samoa today. I thought of taking the shuttle to Apia but the idea of crowds and heat couldn't beat the idea of spending my last day by the heavenly beach at Return to Paradise resort. So here are just a few photos from a wander around the resort today.

The gardeners do wonderful work: walking around the gardens is a pleasure. 

This is Paradise Kitchen where dinner happens. The cultural evening and Maeve Boys band also happened here.

This is the view from my lunch spot at the Rock Pool Bar.

The sea was quite rough today near full tide. 
There are Samoan motifs carved on buildings, this one on the accommodation block I am in.
And for the last time, here is the afternoon view from my balcony.

I went snorkelling twice today- definitely my happy place. I saw still more new fish that I hadn't spied before. Just one last swim in the beach tomorrow before I check out...
Oh and at dinner tonight the group of four men returned to serenade us with their guitars and Samoan songs.

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