Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Journeying to Samoa

Monday morning it was time to leave Palmy for my flight to Auckland. Thankfully, not foggy in Auckland!

Auckland Airport International Departures was the busiest I have seen it- with many red shirts and happy faces in evidence. 

Eventually it was my turn to depart. The flight was three and a half hours long and seemed to pass by quite quickly, which is just as well as it seemed like my nose was shoved up very close to the next person's seat back. It was the first time I have experienced Air New Zealand's The Works kind of flight. I had paid to eat, but I must say it was really odd eating when the two people right beside me weren't. I might bring my own cold meal next time- perhaps that is their aim.

On arrival at the airport in Samoa, we were serenaded in the baggage hall. And I quickly spied my name on a card as I exited the terminal. They turned on the air-con in the van while we waited for a couple who had gone to the bank. All very cruisy and relaxed. Had to look hard to find a single person on a mobile phone. The driver and his mate found it very hard to understand that I had travelled on  my own, without a mate...

It was a night-time 25km journey to the resort I was staying in -Return to Paradise. I had to take a quick look at the beach... and was delighted to find my room was indeed very close. And it was beautiful with a lovely big deck.

Stars filled the sky. I was looking forward to using my snorkel next morning.....
One really nice thing the Resort had done- since it was late, and the restaurant was closed, they provided a sandwich at reception.. I was hungry, and it was much appreciated. 

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