Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Wednesday in Paradise

Day 2 and I was really into relaxing groove. I started the day with an earlyish walk back up the road to the village. I started walking in the shade, but coming back in the sunshine was much warmer!
There were more coastal views along the way. I might return this way to see the sunset one afternoon.

Along the road I passed other 'resorts' with beach-side fale, right on the beachfront with natural sea-breezes for air-conditioning.

In the village was quite a large primary school and a large church. The school, like many of the local buildings, had some large open structures that just had fabric curtains around the edges in parts.

By the church some of the local pigs and piglets were roaming freely and eating off the grass. 

There was a shop and taxi booth at the end of the road where it turned in a Y junction towards the main road.

There was a restaurant en route, but I think it might be too hot/dark for an evening walk. This resort is beautiful but everything is expensive. It would  be good to have a hire car to eat off-site, and buy some provisions. 

You also pay to enter local beach areas, and clearly the locals need this income.

It was getting hotter as I continued to walk slowly back to the resort. 

But I made it back safely to my cool room, top middle of this block.And this was my breakfast view.

After my walk, back at breakfast, I was greeted by the owner and invited to share a table with her and her husband at the cultural dinner and feast that evening.
It was a day for more swimming and snorkelling and reading on the beach. Such a beautiful place to relax in. See Pt2 for the rest of the day!

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