Wednesday, July 19, 2017

First day in Paradise- Tuesday

Daylight dawned and I got my first proper look at the beach.  I was glad I had paid a little more for an ocean view and this is what I saw first thing from my generously sized balcony. 
And  truly it is every bit as beautiful as you could imagine a tropical beach might be. We are on the southern coast, and the morning light gradually lit up the beach from the eastern left-hand side. First it was sunlight on the palm trees... then it gradually gave the whole beach its warm glow. 

Crab trails dotted the sand, and bits of broken coral lay at the beach edge. It was close to high tide at the start of the day.

I was pleased to discover that early morning is relatively 'cool' ie just early 20s. I quite like a bit of cool wth my heat.

Today was largely a 'sit in the shade of a small tree on the sandy beach and read a book' kind of day. I had brought a big mystery novel from NZ. Strange though it might seem, I find it a good way to switch off completely from work mode. And this was the tree I plonked my chair under all day, just moving it around as the shade moved...

The sitting was interspersed with some swimming and snorkelling. Some lovely fish around, delicate colours. The discovery of yet another beautifully coloured fish is what I love. The water was 'delicious' to swim in as well. It was very warm in places, then there were these delicious cold currents. What I have learned today is that the cold bits are freshwater mineral springs, where water is seeping up from the rocks below. This also explained why I thought my mask wasn't working properly as I kept getting into 'blurry' places. Those places are where the mineral springs are. 

There is a beautiful cooling breeze by the ocean, but when you step back towards the buildings you realise just how intense the day's heat really is! It is not a humid heat though- simply strong. 
I was on the beach as the sun set through the palm trees on the right hand side of the beach. It had become pleasantly 'cool' by then.

I am surprised I haven't seen that many birds, though a red-headed bird popped onto a table in the cafe to dip its beak in a red hibiscus flower on the table!

My room is beautiful and the air-conditioning works perfectly when I want it! A sneaker selfie nearly ends this post.

But the day's sunset has to have the last word.