Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Samoa -Thursday

I had intended to take another early morning walk to the village but I never woke until 7.20am, and I thought I had left it too late heat-wise for the return walk, so I dozed some more. As it turned out, it was a slightly drizzly morning and a bit cooler than other days.

After breakfast I sat on my balcony for a while, and all the action appeared in front of me. Suddenly there was one of the wonderful gardeners, climbing up the coconut tree to trim its old branches and the coconuts.

All ended well, but I was nervous for him!

Today I took my first swim at higher tide, with just my lane swimming goggles, and the water was murkier and I never spied many fish. The best time for snorkelling is definitely 90mins either side of low tide. But it was still a great time for a swim.

Low tide wasn't until later in the afternoon today, and I enjoyed the snorkelling so much. I am used to the 'blurry' bits now that happen when you pass over the mineral freshwater springs- and I know it's not a problem with my goggles. And each time I have gone out I have noticed more different kinds of fish. Such splendid shimmering colours. Magical. Today a new family arrived and there were delighted sounds from the children as they noticed some of these beautiful fish.
It looked like there might be more rain but it never amounted to more than a few spits.
Truly eat your hearts out. This is the view from under the shady tree I have adopted for the week!

There was more excitement landside- I spotted a crab, with quite a large shell moving along the sand. Great to see one of the creatures making some of the trails that I had noticed in the sand.

And I explored a nearby rock pool. Can you spot the tiny blue iridescent fish swimming?

Then it was time for another sunset in Paradise.

At dinner tonight I joined a couple from Waipukurau who came over on the same flight. Small world. And one's a teacher... even smaller world!

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