Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Ahhhhh it really was bliss in the hotel last night- so comfy and tranquil- and Rom has suggested I am now a posh-a-grino! But I am back in a municipal albergue in Trabadelo tonight- very nice albergue it is though, with a lovely downstairs lounge and kitchen area, and separate showers for the women.

Took the back route from Cacabelos once the turn-off came. I know I liked it last time, past vineyards etc. Don´t have my map book here but next place was Villafranca I think, and that looks like such an interesting town, well worth exploring, but the pilgrim feet kept moving on as O'Cebreiro is calling. Lyne and Denis, I had a cold lemon drink on the terrace of the bar by the river, and thought of you there!

Pilgrim  feet had a hard surface for most of the rest of the walk, on a hard shoulder beside the road- but thankfully there is a dividing barrier from the road. Road isn't too busy either, as most traffic seems to be on the nearby motorway, which makes its presence felt occasionally, more by the sight of big overbridges than anything. There was occasional light rain along the valley but nothing too heavy.The very nicest bit of the valley walk was that you were right next to the river most of the time, and could hear it rushing by.

I had thought I might walk on another 5km to the next albergue, but in the end the hard surface this morning, and good memories of this albergue from last time won out. So I'll just have to be up early to walk those few extra kms in the morning before I start the climb of O'Cebreiro...


  1. Is that the yellow alsphalt section? Felt like I was on the yellow brick road!


  2. Yep, although some of the yellow has worn away. hard on the feet. Now nearly at the top of O'Cebreiro in full sunshine!