Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Hotel in Cacabelos!

Hotel in Cacabelos!

Well, after all the beauty and drama of yesterday's mountain walk, today's was more 'ordinary'. Quite a bit of it was through Ponferrada and other built up areas. I can't complain too much though, as I skillfully avoided the built-up parts of both Leon and Burgos with my bus jumps!

Saw quite a few more stork nests along the way, and the chicks are quite large now and you can often see them poking up. Also we are back in an area with quite a few vineyards.

And tonight I am even in a 3-star hotel in Cacabelos! There were big billboards up along the way advertising this hotel- Hotel Villa de Cacabelos- and finally one with a special pilgrim price for a single. The idea seemed very attractive, especially as it was raining on and off for the whole day's walk, and I knew the albergue here had a fairly 'outdoor' layout. So, I have been luxuriating on my very own bed- not bunk- for the whole afternoon, and enjoyed a lovely long shower in my very own bathroom with real towels. Plus I have sent my laundry to be done at a very reasonable rate. And best of all, nobody can wake me with their snoring or their 4.30am start tomorrow. I could get used to this lifestyle!

I think some are a bit mystified by my shoes, which are looking decidedly worn out, though I've only been walking in Spain for just less than two weeks. But today when I asked for a sello for my credential in a bar, the bar owner was most impressed with it: it had all the stamps from the Cluny end that he had never seen before. I was given a very genuine Buen Camino as I left,

Today was also the day that twice i had my photo taken with someone because I was a Kiwi. First up was an Italian man who is making a slideshow with photos of him and pilgrims from various countries. I was the only Kiwi he'd met- though I've heard there is a Kiwi just behind and two others not far ahead. Then a Frenchman who is a rabid All Blacks fan wanted my photo.

Ahhh well it is now close to 6pm. Time for this fraudulent pilgrim to venture out to see the shops nearby, and work out where to eat my dinner!

Another jump along the way tomorrow, then next day it will be time to climb O'Cebreiro.

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  1. Well are we fancy! Good for you, it is quite restful to once in a while indulge! I looked up where we stayed in Cacabelos, very modest pension with the shower and loo at the end of the hall!