Friday, June 08, 2012

In Hospital de Orbigo

Well, everything went very smoothly on my bus-a-grino day. There was quite a collection of peregrinos waiting for various buses in Santa Domingo de la Calzada. First bus took just over an hour to Burgos. Next bus left from same bus station and it was an easy matter to buy a ticket. So I discovered how pilgrims who skip the Meseta do it so easily: Bus took three hours to Léon. Wasn´t sure what my transport options were from there and was hoping I could get/ understand the info I needed at the bus station without heading into town to the Tourist Info place.  Even better as it turned out, there was a bus with a clear label on the front at a nearby departure point, just about ready to leave, and it was one I could just pay cash for. So on I hopped and after not much more than half an hour I was at Hospital de Orbigo.

And I would have to say, I was soooooo glad I took this last bus option. Last time we suffered walking by the busy main highway in scorching heat all the way to San Martin del Camino. That is a penance you only need to suffer once in a lifetime as far as I am concerned!!!!! I am not being too loud about it here in the albergue though where I am sure there are more than a few tired pilgrims who walked it today.

I wasn't sure if I would be able to get into the albergue straight away as I hadn´t walked today: But there was ample room and I had no problem. My credential was full of stamps, and the guy seemed to like the fact the last one was at Santo Domingo, so in I waltzed, a bus pilgrim for the day!

Tomorrow I will go to Astorga. There has been a very pleasant drop off in the heat level today, so I am hoping it is not as hot when I arrive there to explore tomorrow as it was last time. Gaudi´s building should be open for viewing on a Friday too I hope. And I hope to make it to Santiago by the 22nd or 23rd...

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