Thursday, June 14, 2012

Climbing O'Cebreiro

Climbing O'Cebreiro

Today was the day for the last 'mountain' climb, and I am now in Galicia.

The last few days have been drizzly, but the weather today was just superb- sunny and warm, but not too hot.

I left Trabadelo early- around 6am- to get the last of the roadside walking behind me. I thought I had about 8km of it to do, but was pleased to find that after about 5kms the most tiresome part was behind me. There was still a bit of relatively flat walking through a couple more villages, but by quieter roads.

It gets light a bit later here on the western end of Spain, so the dawn chorus was in full swing as I began. And for quite a long way the route passed close to the rio Valcarce, so there was a delightful sound of running water.

Basically you climb some 700m in altitude over some 9km. The steepest bits mostly come on the 3km of ascent to La Faba, but the track passes through lovely forest. It was a trifle muddy today after recent rain, but not too bad.

After La Faba the track looks out on beautiful views as it climbs higher. I saw a large bird of prey gliding high in the sky as I neared the top.

I met quite a few people on the climb today that I have met along the way, so that was grand!

I was pretty pleased to find I felt quite fit with the climb. Compared to a few of my Cluny route climbs, it wasn't too taxing at all, and I enjoyed it all.

Like last time I decided to stop here in O'Cebreiro to spend some time enjoying the views, and I am in the Xunta albergue. On a top bunk. Arrrgh!

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  1. I remember just before we arrived in La Faba, there was a farmer with his herd of cattle that was descending the path! There was no way there was room for us and the cattle on that path so we had to sort of stand between the broom plants holding on to whatever branch was big enough to hang on to!

    The views were exceptional and about the same weather that you seem to have had!


    1. I was so happy to get the weather and views we did, as there had been so much drizzle the previous few days...