Friday, October 07, 2016

Weekend in Auckland

I spent the weekend exploring a few more places. It rained on and off, but with my raincoat and umbrella I managed to stay mostly dry. On Saturday I used my AT Hop card to get around on the North Shore with buses, then home on the ferry from Devonport. And on Sunday I walked between places- city stays are so good for building up the walking fitness.

My first port of call was a second hand store called JunknDisorderly. Then I headed to Takapuna where I spent some time on the beach that looks out to Rangitoto, and then explored a bit of Devonport.

 When I passed this school I understood some of the challenges facing Auckland schools: the original part of this school was on top of the hill, and all these more temporary buildings have sprawled over what must have been playground.

This sign was not far from the school, so I presume it was child-made.
 Kite-surfers were active off Takapuna Beach in the stiff breeze, and Rangitoto sat stolidly out in the ocean.
Back in port there was another container ship- orange- but a different one from yesterday...

Sunday was quite wet to start with, and a visit to the art gallery promised some indoor warmth.

 Luckily the rain eased off by lunchtime, and I was able to walk outside again. Albert Park had caught my eye as I walked on the Coast to Coast route earlier in the week, and today I was able to explore it some more.

 This was an 'old' part of European Auckland, and there were still signs of those earlier buildings in place.

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