Friday, October 07, 2016

The ferry trip to Half Moon Bay

On Monday there was another adventure planned with my niece- to the Auckland Botanic Gardens in Manukau. When we were working out the options for where we might meet up, she suggested that I take the ferry to Half Moon Bay and she would collect me from there. So I had an excuse for another ferry trip, and lo and behold, it went via Rangitoto!
 When I woke in the morning it was raining again- this has been a very wet spring- but by the time I was walking to the ferry terminal the sun emerged...
 From the ferry- this is the old ferry terminal building.
 We're off into the harbour...
 It was a bit creepy passing by this Chinese spy ship in port for a few days.

 We quickly left the CBD behind.
 And before long we had reached Rangitoto.
 Not so many people were disembarking today.
 Soon we were off again, heading back to the mainland for Half Moon Bay.

 We passed various vessels en route, including some that seemed to be heading to Waiheke Island with vehicles. There was a marina and numerous yachts moored as we approached Half Moon Bay.
 Here is the view looking back towards Rangitoto.
 There weren't many of us getting off at this time of day, but many people were in the queue to get on the ferry to head to the city.

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