Friday, October 07, 2016

Botanic Gardens- Manukau

What a treat lay in store for us at the Auckland Botanic Gardens! They were expansive, and had many different 'sub-areas' to explore. There were curves, there was sculpture, there were little bridges over lakes and streams, there was a children's garden, so much to enjoy and walk past.

 The Botanic Gardens were very special- a lovely place to wander- and much care and thought has clearly gone into their landscaping over the years. If you are in Auckland, go there! (Free entry as well!)
 Yet again it seemed like we had a circle of blue just above our heads- and after a leisurely two hours or so, we returned to the car. It promptly started raining! Truly, our guardian angels were with us again!
 The last thing on my 'bucket list' for this trip was to take an Auckland train. So my niece deposited me by the Manukau Train station, and I enjoyed a relaxed journey back to the CBD.

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